76 Lincoln Street, Northborough, MA

76 Lincoln Street, Northborough, MA

76 Lincoln Street, Northborough, MA76 Lincoln Street, Northborough, MA

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About Us


who we are

The LSS PTO is organized by two co-chairs and three additional board members.  It includes everyone who organizes fundraisers and runs events (big and small).  It is the person who clips box tops and volunteers at the book fair as well as the family who buys tickets for and attends Fun Day and BINGO night.  It is ALL of us who want an enriching, rewarding, and pleasureable  school environment for our students, teachers, staff and community of Lincoln Street School.


what we do

The PTO brings quality programming to the students of Lincoln Street School that enhances learning and provides enriching experiences beyond the classroom walls.  We also plan specific events that bring the LSS community together just for fun and to demonstrate teacher and staff appreciation.


how we make it happen

To continually support the numerous programs and events at LSS, the PTO works hard to raise approximately $15,000 - $16,000 each school year.  The money we raise is done though a variety of fundraisers driven by the PTO Board and countless individual volunteers like YOU.  The PTO Board works hard to continually evaluate our fundraising programs and is happy to bring to you those we think are most effective, fun for the family and easy for everyone to take part in!