Classroom Funding, Field Trips & Grants

Teachers and specialists are supplied with funds to help purchase any additional classroom supplies.

Field trips are subsidized to help keep costs down for both students and chaperones. 

Grants are provided for different types of extended classroom learning and support. A few of the grants that were funded last year are: 

  • Drama Class supplies for a collaboration between the librarian and the music teacher
  • Scholastic Storyworks and Storyworks Jr for Mrs. Bostock’s 4th grade class
  • Supplies for a school-wide social thinking project led by the LSS school psychologists
  • Magnetic math manipulatives for Mrs. Norsworthy’s 3rd grade class, 
  • T-shirts for a 4th grade level state project
  • support for the annual Vocabulary Parade led by the one-and-only Miss Alanius
  • Non-fiction books for the library to bring our world geography section into the 21st century  


Through PTO funding and support, the following programs were brought to the school this past year and were a great success in bridging classroom topics with hands on experience and supplemental learning.   

  • Pumpernickel Puppets  
  • The MA Horticultural Plantmobile
  • The MA Audubon Program Intro to Birding
  • Bugworks, Living Lessons with Crawling Creatures
  • The Museum of Science Traveling Star Lab Program
  • Performer Ilze Luneau of the The Luneaus Basketball Family  
  • World-Class global music and media artists, Crocodile River Music
  • Discovery Museum Programs on Dinosaurs, Electromagnetics and Rocks & Minerals  

Hospitality, Teacher Appreciation & School Spirit

  • Produce the LSS PTO Family Directory
  • Family Fun Nights, like Bingo Night, Sundaes & Stories 
  • Family Fun Sports Nights at the Red Sox 
  • Refreshments and/or staffing for Kindergarten Brown Bag, Veteran’s Day Assembly, Community Reading Day, & all Teacher Appreciation events  

Northborough Community Support

  • Funds contributed to the town-wide Applefest entertainment 
  • School supplies contributed to the Northborough Helping Hands backpack drive and backpacks contributed to those in need in the LSS community
  • Organization of the LSS Northborough Food Pantry Food Drive to promote awareness for and collect healthy snacks